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Annenberg helping Afghanistan to develop a more effective media

Annenberg's CGCS working with Afghanistan to sustain a freer communications environment


Did You Know

that the Annenberg School for Communication is involved with an effort to build a more robust media system in war-torn Afghanistan?

The Annenberg School’s Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) is helping to shape and execute a large scale United States Agency for International Development (USAID) effort to foster independent radio, create a supporting legal culture that can sustain a freer communications environment, and analyze what media approaches are most effective in sustaining democratic values. “We’ve assembled a distinguished team to design curricula and work with advocates, media management and regulators,” said Monroe E. Price, Director of CGCS. “This is an investment in the talent key to the operation of media in the future.”   

This is the newest initiative to join the CGCS's other Middle East-related projects including the Jordan Media Strengthening Program, the model for the current Afghan program.

For more information about the CGCS’s specific efforts in the Middle East, please visit http://www.global.asc.upenn.edu/cgi-bin/projects-location.cgi?id=33

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